Short facts

En grupp studenter går med ryggen mot kameran, några med studentoverall och några nya studenter med lila pannband

There are about 6000 full-time students in Kalmar.

In addition to the students studying at Linnaeus University, Kalmar also has around 120 medical students from Linköping University because there is the opportunity to conduct the clinical part of the education, the last six semesters, in Kalmar.

Linnaeus Union organizes a wide range of associations which are open to all students. You should easily find an association that matches your interests. Join the Linnaeus Union and a couple of associations and you have taken a big step towards a great student life!

Fler sidor inom student life

Linnaeus Union

The Linnaeus Union - the students' voice represents students at the Linnaeus University.

Educational and interest associations

A presentation of the educational and interest associations that exist at Linnaeus University in Kalmar.

Other interest associations and student pubs

Presentation of other interest associations with different themes and the student pubs.

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Publicerad: 2 november 2022