Educational and interest associations

Fem studenter, några i studentoverall, några i vanliga kläder, går tillsammans i kvällsljus med Kalmar slott i bakgrunden

There are eight educational associations for those who study a specific program at a faculty, and one interest association for international students.

Each of these associations have their own student overalls in the color that
belongs to the association. For those of you who study individual courses,
you can join the educational association that is the best match with your

The different overall colors and which educational or interest association wears them.

Table: Overall colors linked to educational or interest association


Färg på overall

Sociala medier

CNaS - for students studying optics, natural science, environmental analysis, or pharmacist at the faculty for Natural sciences.


Facebook: Cnaskalmar

Instagram: cnas_kalmar

ESN Kalmar - for international and Swedish students interested in networking.


Facebook: ESNKalmar

Instagram: esnkalmar

Humanus – for students in sports science, nursing, social studies, or medical studies.


Facebook: HumanusStudentforening

Instagram: humanuslnu

Kalmar ESS – for students at the school of Business and Economics.


Facebook: KalmarESS

Instagram: kalmaress

KAROLIN - for students in any of the teaching programs.


Facebook: karolinlnu

Instagram: karolin.lnu

Lambda - for students in nautical sciences at the Kalmar Maritime Academy.


Facebook: lambdastudentforening

Instagram: lambdastudentforening

LiK - for students in Social sciences, Political science, Social work, Film and Literature, Cultural sciences, Music, Arts and Languages.


Facebook: LinnaeusKultura

Instagram: Linnaeus.kultura

Meskalin - for the Journalism and Media programmes, International Social Studies, Cultural Heritage in the Present and Future and Visual Communication + Change in Kalmar.

Light blue

Facebook: MeskalinKalmar

Instagram: meskalinkalmar

SPIIK - for students in Software Technology, Web programming or Interaction designer. Belongs to the Faculty of Technology.


Facebook: SPIIK

Instagram: spiikalmar

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